CrossFit Dungarvan Forging Elite Fitness in West Waterford

We are very proud to bring CrossFit to Dungarvan and the surrounding areas in 2015. Formerly known as Spartan Strength and Conditioning we have 3 very well known and highly respected coaches Mark Gough, James Darcy and Tony Keane. Our main goal in our box is to provide you with the best fitness advice in west Waterford. Our CrossFit classes are based around the Constantly Varied, High Intensity, Functional Movement CrossFit method. They are for anyone of any level of fitness any backround of fitness and our classes are always scaled to your own ability. Our Main focus is ensuring the hour you spend with us is the most enjoyable hour of your day. During this hour we will ensure you move correctly lift safely, learn new skills. become fitter faster stronger and leaner. We hope to see you walk through our doors so you can start your Crossfit Journey to a fitter healthier happier new You. For further information please contact Mark @